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DataHaven.NET is a peer to peer online backup utility.

This is a distributed network for backup data storage. Each participant of the network provides a portion of his hard drive for other users. In exchange, he is able to store his data on other peers.

The redundancy in backup makes it so if someone loses your data, you can rebuild what was lost and give it to someone else to hold. And all of this happens without you having to do a thing - the software keeps your data in safe.

All your data is encrypted before it leaves your computer with a private key your computer generates. No one else can read your data, even DataHaven.NET! Recover data is only one way - download the necessary pieces from computers of other peers and decrypt them with your private key.

DataHaven.NET is written in Python using pure Twisted framework.   Read more about the project.

Currently, the software is actually ready for use. I think the current project status is Alpha release. It is ready for internal use and we need to test it on a large amount of data. But the core of the program is fairly stable and mostly I make changes to the rest of the code. 01.01.2014 at 2:22 AM Moscow time I released the version 1.0.1, which can be considered the first ready-to-use Alpha version of the DataHaven.NET software.
To test the system and run the network right now we need a bunch of users who agree to give HDD space to the network and run the software on personal computers.



Every DataHaven.NET user gain DHN credits for providing HDD space to his customers and also spent credits to rent a distributed storage from his suppliers. You can pay less for your backup storage if you donate some space to others. Users, who donate a lot HDD space, should get some proffits.
The price for 1GB per month is 0.01 DHN at the moment, 1024GB will cost you 120 DHN per year or 120 $ US.
At the moment you can buy DHN credits for real US $ dollars with your CreditCard at 1:1. Read carefully this info! For Bad Guys: no chance to get success with stolen Credit Cards!
Also, you able to buy/sell the accumulated DHN credits for BitCoins in the DataHaven.NET Market.

Read pricing docs for brief iformation.

However if other users takes from you at least twice more space than you need for your data - it is FREE! In this case you will accumulate credits faster than spent. To gain credits you need to get more customers to fill your donated space.
After registration the Central server starts counting your rating, more online hours - higher rating in the network. The rating is used to decide who will be a more reliable supplier - new users probably wants you as supplier if you are mostly online. So you get your customers early or later and start accumulating more and more DHN credits. Than you can exchange it for real money.

We would like to allow DataHaven.NET users themselves determine the price for the provided space, more reliable suppliers would receive more. These functions will be added later.

DataHaven.NET gives a 10 DHN to each new user as gift. Let's say you set your needed space to 50 GB during installation and donate nothing to other users - then your credits run out in about 2 months.

Now you can donate more space to others and expect to do some small proffit with DataHaven.NET.
We developing a service to trade a distributed storage in the Web. So we are trying to attract people who need a high secure reliable srorage and agree to pay for that.
The Privacy of your data is protected with your Private Key - it must be protected as much as possible!

We expect a lot people to be interested in a such project, in fact we only help people to hide info from each other ...



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