Beta Testing

DataHaven.NET is p2p online backup software and currently our project is in the beta testing stage. In order to really test this kind of software we vitally need some people around the NET to run our software on their machines.
In addition, we need to provide an initial amount of space in the system to create remote backups.

We offer a 1 oz silver coin or $50 US for beta test users who use the software for 365 days. Users who report bugs and actively assist in the testing may be further rewarded. This offer is currently limited to the first 75 people to sign up in the beta testing.

You must to download and installed the testing release on your computer and register as a beta tester. We need that to be able to check and test the latest changes in the source code. Te be registered just enable the checkbox next to the label "I want to be a beta tester..." during installation.
Or you can send an email to wth a subject beta testing, in the message body put your name or nickname, account name and how you learned about the project.

To find out how long the program is already running on your computer, open the page with the statistics of all users. User names in bold print are registered betatest users, so if you set the "betatester checkbox" during install you should be registered automatically. Do not worry if you did not saw your user name in the stats immediately, it is updated every hour.

Every hour, the program sends a short control packet on our Central server so we know who is online. To get 50$ US or 1 oz silver coin you have to collect 365 points in the column effective days active.

You must donate at least 5 Gigabytes of extra disk space to count as active user. Check this in [menu]->[settings]->[backups].

You do not need to be online continuously all the time.
Just keep working as usual and you will earn the money sooner or later. You should not run beta software on mission critical computers, the kids game PC is just fine.

After finishing your 365 days you can tell us if you prefer $50 US or a 1 oz silver coin. Payments can be by US check or paypal. Coin will be shipped by regular mail.

Visit DataHaven.NET message board to send a bug report, read news, discussions, ideas, etc. I try to answer all the posts on the forum.

When registering on the forum indicate the answer to the secret question, just type "Vincent Cate", that's all I was able to come up with at the moment that would protect against spam bots.

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